Under the bed is about you finding your way, groping. It is about this fear of the dark we have all known and that some of you may still encounter today.

You play a child waking up in their bedroom, plunged in absolute darkness. No luck, it's impossible to get back to sleep.

Through the eyes of this child and their imagination, what should be a simple, but slightly scary walk through the house might quickly turn into a nightmare.


The principle is simple : You move in the dark and you can only see what is around you when the game is paused. Be aware, it's not a platformer with holes to be avoided everywhere. You'll need to observe, memorize and think in order to resolve simple puzzles.

This game is made with a passion for 2D immersive games, with a lot of sounds recorded in studio and not that many hours of sleep. It is a narrative, but short adventure (approximately 10-20 minutes + an alternate ending), so take your time and enjoy !

How to play

Arrow keys to move
Spacebar or Enter to interact
F to Pause (And believe me, you'll need it)

You can play in browser or download the Windows version of the game.
The versions are the same. It only depends of your preferences !


A game by Khamelot

Inspired by Pippin Barr game ideas
"You spend all your time on pause because you're too scared to play"

Originally developed during a 3-day Game Jam

Thanks to

Manon Molinier
Victor Goya



For making this game possible

Also thanks to my love, family and friends for their support

And thank you for playing !


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Development log


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This game is amazing! I'm not a fan of horror games but this game had just enough. The main mechanic of pausing the game is a great idea and works well. I would love to see a longer version of this game with more story.


this makes my brain have to think and i love it! even though its pixel graphics (which i love for horror games because of imscared)

this creeped me out in everyway and i love the story! 

over 9000/10

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It's a perfect representation of a child's fear of the dark and that is what makes this short but thrilling game great!


great work, and great puzzles! wish there was more to it tho, but besides that its amazing!!


I very much enjoyed this game! Cool idea and well executed! Starts at 7:55. 


This game play with your childish nightmares so perfectly that you will ask for more! Btw don't hesitate to run it twice :^) Nice work khamelot!!


This was fun. Loved the retro vibe.


Great work, dev. Thank you!


Fantastic game! Good puzzles, great sound effects and a really good creepy atmosphere. Very impressive.


Awesome game. I would have liked if the key would have the shiny animation and some of the objects would have a glow effects that way you know what to interact with


I actually love this so much


Very nice!  Interesting mechanics, great creature design, tense gameplay.  

I got to the green area but can't figure out how to get past the second moster

Remember how you did beat the second one in the house.

how did you get to the green area?

how did you get to the green area???


nightmares never end ;)


I loved this. The mechanic was something I don't think I've seen before, and it worked really well! Great work :D

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Nice spooky game! I could relate, When you'r in a pitch back room you'r mind makes figments of you'r imagination.


very good simple game, nice little twist at the end! that 2nd monster got me so many times lol


Very good game! I enjoyed playing it, and enjoyed the new concept of pausing to remember the layout of the rooms.

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I pretty enjoyed it. It definitely has potential, so a longer version of it could be pretty awesome (not saying it is not good, just saying that the idea has that essence that a game needs to be appealing and you can go further with that) but to be honest, I don't know how to expand it. Maybe I just wanted to play more of it (I finished it later) and it can be relatable, because as a child we've been scared of the dark at least once. So hopefully you can make it longer... or not I mean, at the end of the day this works perfectly. Just want you to have success! Hope this is helpful.

Pd: Loved the pause mechanic. Different than the usual, works great.

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Hello there. Thanks for playing !
Good news : I'm working on a very short extra ending for Under the bed. This is a way for me to thank you all for the great feedback you've made. I hope you'll like it !


Well that's pretty exciting! I'll be checking for updates then. I'm keen on seeing it! And your next projects too.


don't stop walking 


having to pause to see whats in the dark that was well done and scary as hell. Also WHAT THE HELL WAS CHASING US!!! was it a centaur!?

Having to puase

This game was really well made. Brilliant concept and constrction, fun and challenging. And nerve-racking.  Well done!


The pause mechanic is brilliant and, also at times frustrating! The 2nd monster was a pain not sure exactly how to deal with him.

This was a really nice game! I feel like you could make a whole big game out of this. It's a really nice concept! Very fun to play!

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Thanks ! I'm planning to make more games, and I could probably use this kind of mechanics again, in a bigger project. I'll let you know !


make a downloadable version plase


This game is somemthing else! I really enjoyed this game alot it scared me a couple of times loll


I can't get past the first thing, I'm a little stuck


Pretty awesome and solid for a browser-game :P

Thanks haha !


Amazing game! Loved the dark pixel art as well as the innovative mechanics. Beautiful idea!

Had me on the edge of my chair throughout the whole gameplay, thanks for the great experience and keep on doing this kind of games!


Thanks ! I will.

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That's really nice ! I love that simple idea of using the pause to see things.

Next week we will organise a workshop for beginners about video game making  (20 students).  I'd love to use your game as an example. We will try to build 2 scenes. Do you think that I can use your assets ?

If so, we should find an approppriate way to credit you. For example I  can send you a picture of the students trying to redo and transform your game and we can post a link to your page whenever to write about our workshop.

It would be an honor ! Can we discuss that in private ? Mail me at contact@khamelot.fr :)

Thanks ! Watch your emails.


I loved this game! I wish it was longer but I think it was perfect as is!


Thanks for making such an awesome game!  It's very high on my list for indie horror on my channel!

The game is just perfect. With the story that everyone can related to. The mechanic of the game that's new and works really well. Its length is perfectly not too short or too long. It has the curve of excitement about right. And most of all when combining all of that ,it will leave you with a good experience just like reading (or participating in )a good short horror story.  I don't know if this will work if it got expanded into a longer game but for now this is really great and I'll be looking forward to see more games from you.  Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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This is so touching ! I can't thank you enough for this feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and yes, I will make more games. I hope you will like them too  :) !