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where do you hide when you're getting the water?

Great idea :D was to scary for me to finish

I can't get this game to work :( I can't move from the beginning, I can open and close my eyes but that's it 

other than that tho interesting game

lmao the game broke when i'm at the part with the monster on the chandelier

you need to use the stool and then get on it then close and open ur eyes

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that's what i was doing but the pause/focus button didn't work

Fun. My theory is... 


The first couple monsters are objects, and the last monster that stalks you are your parents seeing if you're alright. The green part is just a dream.


I had so much fun playing this game and coming up with a pretty wild theory about it!

Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

good god dude the 2nd jumpscare almost made me shit my pants

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Great Game Friendo He...He..He.. Dont Check Under Your Bed Tonight I wont be there... Haha.. ;)


Thank you for this amazing game!

You can check my full game playthrough here: 

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How do I get pass the second monster in the post-game?

Ok, never mind, there was actually a place to hide.

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Where is the place to hide actually i can't find it

Omg im so dumb sorry for asking just found it.



its amazing

yes very nice also is there a green part??? because theres a picture of a green place

ok yeah theres a green place you need to beat the game then start over i think

How do I get out of the room? I can't push the chair to the shelf, and I can't jump! No matter how much I try, I always end up pushing the chair back to where it started!


you press enter and you get on the chair


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i got stuck at the part where i gotta get back to my room i got the water and all and i hid but i dont know what to do next i also got the chair and didnt make noise with it


Odlični dizajn i grafika, odlični koncept igrice, sve mi se dopalo i radujem se još takvih igrica!



guys idek how to get out of the bedroom <//3


to get out of the room, stand on the chair, hide ect. you use the enter key on your keyboard

omg ty so much


no problem :)

i stood on the chair but idk what to do now lol

I keep trying but I can't!


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I like this game alot! I saw someone do it on YouTube so I decided to give it a try. It's short but fun, and I wish there was more story to it, but for a game made in three days this is great!

Wait is there more to this cuz someone said there was a green part?


Thanks! There is some small additionnal content if you finish it once and directly start the game again once you're back on the titlescreen :)

This game is amazing! I'm not a fan of horror games but this game had just enough. The main mechanic of pausing the game is a great idea and works well. I would love to see a longer version of this game with more story.


this makes my brain have to think and i love it! even though its pixel graphics (which i love for horror games because of imscared)

this creeped me out in everyway and i love the story! 

over 9000/10

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It's a perfect representation of a child's fear of the dark and that is what makes this short but thrilling game great!


great work, and great puzzles! wish there was more to it tho, but besides that its amazing!!


I very much enjoyed this game! Cool idea and well executed! Starts at 7:55. 


This game play with your childish nightmares so perfectly that you will ask for more! Btw don't hesitate to run it twice :^) Nice work khamelot!!


This was fun. Loved the retro vibe.


Great work, dev. Thank you!


Fantastic game! Good puzzles, great sound effects and a really good creepy atmosphere. Very impressive.


Awesome game. I would have liked if the key would have the shiny animation and some of the objects would have a glow effects that way you know what to interact with


I actually love this so much


Very nice!  Interesting mechanics, great creature design, tense gameplay.  

I got to the green area but can't figure out how to get past the second moster

Remember how you did beat the second one in the house.

how did you get to the green area?

how did you get to the green area???


nightmares never end ;)


I loved this. The mechanic was something I don't think I've seen before, and it worked really well! Great work :D

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Nice spooky game! I could relate, When you'r in a pitch back room you'r mind makes figments of you'r imagination.

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