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This game has been made in 16 days for the Two-Minute Horror Jam

The featured video is a no commentary let's play by Alpha Beta Gamer.

A breach has been opened between your world and an evil place called the Roots. You have made it your mission to close the breach once and for all.

Fight your way to the old church, through the strange woods  surrounding it. It is said that terrible creatures lurk in there ... They could compromise your plans. If you fail to enter the church in time, you will regret every step you took on this cursed ground.

There is a way for you to stay safe and sound. You possess the most archaic form of magic: salt. Drawing lines along the path between you and them should be enough to keep the monsters away for a while. But beware, this magic is not as powerful as the forces that haunt this place. Salt once set will not protect you forever.

Arrow keys or WASD to move

Left mouse button to draw with the salt

E ; Space ; Left mouse button to interact

No key to run. You won't run away.

If you are a MAC user and the game does not work, I recommend using the itch.io launcher to play the game.


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The Salt Order (WINDOWS) 33 MB
The Salt Order (MAC) 51 MB
The Salt Order (LINUX) 38 MB

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This game is amazing! I love the creepy atmosphere. I was wondering what programs did you use to create such a unique game?

Hi, thank you very much! This game is made on Unity 2019 .1 (I upgraded it  to 2019.3 since though)


This has to be one of the best and most unique ideas I've seen in a long time! Can't wait to play the full game! Featured first in the video!


Really good game. Definitely one of the harder games ive played. I just wish the salt didnt go down that fast but i BARELY made it to the door with the 4th bell going off! Nice game!

Game starts @25:55 


The game is definitely well done. Though I wish the monster didn't spawn right on top of you even if you hear them. That and the salt just don't last long if you draw a full line. But that might be me. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Through raw tenacity I finished the game - clawing my way through. It didn't help that you dish out salt like Oprah, you get salt and you get salt and you get salt. Times are tough, ration a little y'know???? Critique~ 12:36

Was a ton of fun to play, effectively spooky retro aesthetic and the salt circles or lines were a really cool mechanic, looking forward to future projects. 

this game was amazing i would've completed it if i didnt panic a lot

but hey it was pretty fun for me and my content let me know what to improve


This game is pretty darn polished for a 16 day build, love the retro graphics look and the game mechanics is relatively solid, only thing is I am stumped where the key is (assuming there is one) and ultimately what the use of the salt was as there is never enough. Otherwise great game!

You still did great! Salt can be used to draw lines in the path between beasts and you. It won't protect you for long but it gives you enough time to look in front of you without being attacked in the back. I'm still thinking of ways to make it more clear, as many players seem to have the same issues. Thank you very much for your feedback!


This game is such a great idea, the salt thing that I keep calling chalk lol is a very original thing, reminds me of Supernatural the TV show..

Here is my gameplay, even tho I couldnt finish the game, it is VERY difficult!


Pour les Francophones !

Oh, man. I haven't played. I should like it


This game was the first game I played and it scared me sooo bad that I couldn't finish, but I am 200% coming back on here to do a part 2 to this. This game was really well made👍.

Thank you very much! I hope you'll beat it next time :)


This game is really up there with the "Puppet Combo Standard". I'm sorry, there's no other way to say it. I'm a mac user, and although everything ran smoothly, I could't draw the salt nor interact with objects, and I couldn't die. But really great game overall. Can't wait for the full version!

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Thank you for your feedback! Also nope don't worry, I don't take "Puppet Combo Standard" as an offense. It's actually quite the contrary! Considering what actions you can't do, i might have an idea on what caused that. I'll take a look!


Le truc génial c'est que même si on déploie un environnement où ses composantes graphiques et sonores sont sommaires, l'imagination viendra combler le reste et amplifier les émotions perçues. En l’occurrence ici, pas besoin de HD, le jeu se suffit à lui même pour assurer le genre dans lequel il s'inscrit.

Bien joué :D




Great game, but defiantly tough to beet. Took me a while, but great job. Hope you enjoy the video!

(Sorry, I had to re-upload the video after some issues.)


This game is pretty hard. I guess I should've watched that video before I played. But I also feel like their salt lasted waaay longer than mine. They threw down line after line and I barely had enough for a circle at times. The last attempt in my video is the farthest I got. Pretty tough, but still fun and creepy.

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Thanks for your feedback. You still did great! But yeah, circles are rarely useful. Drawing lines between you and them along the path is the best solution to survive. I'm currently thinking of some ways to make it more clear, and I'll possibly add an easy mode. Thank you for playing :D


Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Hi! No more content will be added for now yes. Only updates for balancing, ergonomy & bug fixes :)