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  • Edition (again) of Gaster's behaviour
  • Corrections of some bugs caused by the 1.2.2


  • Little update on Gaster's behaviour


  • Few graphics updated.
  • Secret battle added in the bonus room.
  • Secrets, secrets, and more secrets!


  • Alternate ending added!
  • More dialogues in the bonus room.
  • Correction of some bad grammar (again³)


  • Correction of some bad grammar (again²)
  • New dialogues with random objects
  • Optimised some events in the 2nd part (to fix the slowdown happening on some computers)


  • Correction of some bad grammar (again).
  • Fixed a collision bug when leaving the bedroom in the intro.
  • The torch is now a little brighter.
  • Fixed some minor bugs on Gaster's attacking behaviour.


  • Little update on dialogues + correction of some bad grammar.

Zones and movement

  • Edited spider's webs collisions in the forest area.
  • Edited the collision of the cattail plant near the TV area.
  • Edited collisions in the glitchy area.


  • Correction of some mistakes in dialogues.
  • No more freezing text bug caused by the notes numbers.


  • Fixed the 2nd part slowdown.
  • Gaster's teleportation is now less aggressive (but is still aggressive, be careful and learn to avoid him).

Zones and movement

  • Edited collisions in the woods. It's still a bit weird, but there's now groups of trees and paths.
  • Added dirt paths in the woods.
  • Added one more way in the woods.
  • Dying in a cobweb in the woods no longer cause a permanent slow walk when respawning.


  • Minor bugs fixed during dialogues
  • Finding a note while being attacked by Gaster does not longer freeze the text when respawning.
  • Added a little clue to help players in the game over text when finding all the notes.
  • Added a text giving keys "shift and esc" at the very begining of the intro.


  • Fixed a bug caused by skipping the intro.
  • You now have more time to skip the intro.

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